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LED Downlight Installation

An increasing number of Australians are installing downlights in their homes. LED downlights have become a standard in residences and offices to portray a professional and pristine environment. Coppins Electrical Services have you covered if you’d like LED downlights for your kitchen, ceiling fans for your bedroom, or security lights for your garden. We handle any residential, commercial, or industrial electrical needs you have.

If you’d like an LED downlight installation or any other electrical work done in your home or office, reach out to our team today for a quick response.

Ceiling Fan Installation, Downlights, Extraction Fans, and More

Whichever work you’d like done, we’re up for the task. Our team is fully insured and qualified to do your domestic or commercial work in Adelaide Hills, Mount Barker, Strathalbyn, and surrounding suburbs. We cover a wide array of services.

  • LED downlights: Many people enjoy the neat look of the recessed downlights that fit snugly into your ceiling. We supply downlights of various wattages, sizes, and hues, depending on your preference. We work with each of our customers, allowing them to decide on the specific lighting to install. We also handle outdoor lighting, security lighting, chandeliers, and more.

  • Ceiling fans: As the Summer approaches, a ceiling fan is a must-have to enjoy natural airflow around the house. We have various options to choose from, including ceiling and light combinations. For a quick and convenient ceiling fan installation, Coppins Electrical Services is the company to reach out to.

  • RCD installation: A residual current device is a crucial, protective device installed in your electrical system to prevent fatal shocks if someone touches bare electrical wiring. This feature is a must-have for homes with children, schools, and corporate settings to comply with office safety standards.

  • Smoke alarm installation: Whether you’re an aspiring cook, an exhausted housewife, or simply like to adhere to building regulations, you’ll need to install smoke alarms in your home or office. For a hassle-free, affordable smoke alarm installation, we’re the company that can set it up.

Illuminated Stairs

Who Is Coppins Electrical Services?

Located in Highland Valley, we’re local and reliable electricians who have worked on many projects in the surrounding suburbs. We’ll take on any project you have with energy and professionalism. With a big emphasis on shopping local, we source most of our materials from around the Adelaide Hills. We provide excellent and prompt service, cleaning up after ourselves when the job is done.

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